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Best 24-Hour Laundry Service Near Me

You can’t do it all. Looking at all the responsibilities on your back, spending time doing laundry should be the least of your problems. At the same time, the secret to happiness and high productivity is delegating and asking for help. So, keeping in mind your borderline neat-freakiness and the fear of someone mishandling your clothes, how do you find the best laundry that works around the clock?

How to Choose The Best 24-Hour Laundry Service Near Me

Like you, if looking for the best 24 laundry service near me, I’d consider the following:

  1. Turnaround time

You are most likely planning to send your everyday wear to the laundry, don’t you? Keeping this in mind, you want a laundry services company that will wash and fold those clothes within the shortest time. With all your important underwear and socks in there, you don’t want to regret letting someone else take care of your dirty laundry. Therefore, ask about the turnabout time. It should work for your schedule as well as your clothing rotation.

  1. Loss/ Damage Policies

Unlike dry cleaning a gown or a suit, losing a pair of socks isn’t a big deal. However, you still want to ensure that your new socks or pajamas will get replaced if lost. So, you need to find a laundry services company with a loss and damage policy covering the small and cheap, plus the expensive items of clothing. Such a policy gives you a peace of mind.

  1. Options for pickup and delivery

Outsourcing laundry services mean that you are spending time doing other important and productive activities. You don’t want to spend more than 8 hours every month looking for a 24-Hour Laundry Service Near Me, do you?

With this in mind, always opt for a laundry service company that offers pickup and delivery services on all your orders. The best companies offer these services freely. This gives you the chance to focus on other things without worrying about the laundry shop closing before you reach home.

Also, check to ensure that you are on the company’s set pickup and drop-off schedule for the day. Find on-demand companies if you need more flexibility other than a twice a week pickup and delivery service.

  1. Detergents & Other Special Needs

Do you need hypoallergenic detergents for your clothes? Does the company offer this alternative? Since you don’t want to pay your smart thoughts on outsourcing services with a bad allergic reaction, it is worth asking and shopping around for the company that offers the special services you need. You will have an extra charge but, that is a price you are willing to pay, isn’t it?

  1. Service contracts

If given a contract to sign, find out what it entails and the services they offer. The contract will most likely outline the length of the service. While looking at the deals on the contract, look into the quality of the services too.

  1. Consistency

Can you expect the same scent and quality of clean from the 24-hour laundry service near me as you’d get from doing your laundry? Look for consistency from the company by looking at user reviews. You need your clothes cleaned and folded well all the time. The scent should be the same always, or better!

  1. Pricing

Does the company offer the typical dollar per pound of clothes or do they charge more? Are wash and fold services charged separately? The cost of services offered by your local laundromat should be affordable and reasonable, in relation to the quality of services.


Skip laundry day by looking for the best laundromat near you. The best part is that if pressed for time, you can always use a laundromat app locator to find the best 24 laundry service near me.

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