What to Sell in a Laundromat


You can sell Detergent  in your Laundromat It may seem like a no-brainer, but you can’t do laundry without soap. Making single-use boxes of detergent a part of the vending is a huge plus for patrons who have to bring their laundry from blocks away and want to minimize the …

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Choose the Best Laundry Drop-off Service

Doing the laundry is both an inconvenience and a necessity, but have you tried a Laundry Drop-off Service? Even if it’s something that takes time and effort, it’s still something you must do. Unless you treat clothes as something disposable or you have an unlimited supply of clothing, washing your …

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Why You Should Own A Laundromat Business

A coin-operated laundromat business is the perfect passive income business in any city. As the lifestyle of city dwellers becomes more hectic every day, the demand for automated laundry services grows. People are willing to fork out money to pay for the convenience of not having to do their laundry. …

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