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Laundromats near me with wifi

Looking clean and having clean clothes is a sign of social status. It places you within the boundaries of being socially acceptable and this has made regular laundry important. This can be quite difficult if you do not stay in an apartment without a washer and dryer.

Where do you turn to when this happens? Your local self-service coin-operated laundromat! But what happens when I look for laundromats near me with wifi and I don’t find one? What I’m supposed to do while my clothes are washing?

In a laundromat you can get your clothes washed and dried without much professional help from the staff. However, going to a laundromat in your apartment complex or dorm is no one’s favorite activity. Consider that in a laundromat you have to wait for a free unit, wait while your clothes are in the spin cycle, wait again while it gets dried and it gets boring waiting.

Laundromats near me with wifi

laundromats near me with wifi

This is why laundromats are coming up with innovative ways to make the laundry experience a pleasurable one and Wi-Fi is one of them. In a survey carried out by Precision Sample, apartment renters consider the high-speed internet and Wi-Fi more important amenities than having in-room laundry facilities.But still, where can I find laundromats near me with wifi?

Wi-fi Access Statistics

About 34% of respondents ranked Wi-Fi access as the most important feature for choosing an apartment, followed by 25% who said the high-speed internet was No. 1. Just 13% of those surveyed said having a washer and dryer in the apartment was the most critical factor.

free wifi zone in laundromats

It makes sense for laundromats to offer these facilities as a service to paying customers. From the results of the survey above, it is safe to say that people rank internet access pretty high as a must-have service.

By installing a Wi-Fi network, laundromat owners can have a way in which their customers find more enjoyment in the moments spent in their laundromat. This way, more laundromat customers enjoy their time, this should in turn help expand your business.

This has been proven true over and over again, access to Wi-Fi drove up customer retention. Installing and offering Wi-Fi access made the usually boring laundry chore into something to look forward to. It is not unusual to see individuals in an apartment complex, dorms, and commercial laundromats propped up with several devices while waiting for a load to dry.

Unsurprisingly, this has made Wi-Fi access quite popular among laundromat owners who have begun offering Wi-Fi access to their customers. Wi-Fi access in laundromats is a proven strategy to secure a network of loyal customers and marketing this now-common store amenity is critical for today’s operators.

Laundromat owners can successfully market their Wi-Fi access to potential customers by doing the following:

  • By advertising their stores’ Wi-Fi through clear signage on the store’s premise
  • Keeping the whole process simple, and making it easy for customers to get onto their networks.
  • Have a company landing page and re-direct traffic for on-site SEO.
  • Leverage on the power of social marketing and Facebook.

We have spoken at length on the advantages of installing and offering Wi-Fi service to both the owners and customers but there are actually some downsides, mostly on the laundromat. These disadvantages include:

Setup cost – Although wireless networks are typically inexpensive, it can cost up to four times more to set up a wireless network than to set up a POS system for instance.

Adequate coverage – The range of a wireless network is rather limited and before installing a typical wireless router, find out the radius limits to access the network.

Security problems – Wireless networks can be accessed by almost any computer within range of the network’s signal so information transmitted through the network (including sensitive in-house emails) may be intercepted by unauthorized users.


Do you have any laundromats in your area which offers free wifi? How do you spend time while doing your laundry? Leave us a comment below. Also if you know any laundromats that offers playing areas for kids or any other kind of facilities, let us know, meybe we will do a review and help others.

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