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Laundry with play area for kids

Every now and then you must take your kids with you when you do your laundry. Finding laundry with play area for kids is not easy. Most of them don’t have something like that but would be awesome to add.

You just can’t take care of your child and wash your laundry, you want your kids to be safe and enjoy their time and maybe make some new friends while you wash your laundry.

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Laundry with play area for kids

We have investigated almost 200 laundromats in the USA and the ones who have a kids play area are very few, but we have compiled a list of the ones who have:

  • Laundromat Caffe
  • SorveignLaundry
  • MelisaWasher
  • KalmanLaundromat

This is the only coin-operated laundromats who own a play area for kids. If you look through the names of the laundromats you will see that this one’s, in fact, are the most famous laundry’s in the country.

There are alot of forums where people are asking for play areas for kids like here.

The benefits of having kids playing area in a laundry

You always see young mothers taking their kids with them when they need to wash their clothes. Most of them are curious about things and they are exploring the laundromat making the parents to lose their minds looking for them.

As a laundry owner having kids playing area could lead to:

  • more customers – people like to go where their kids are having fun and they can solve their things
  • less noise – is not like a laundromat is very quite but having kids screaming around is not so beneficial
  • offline promotion – parents are talking about their kids all day and if they will find a laundry with a playing area they will spread the word and this will attract more customers to you.

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What should a playing area contain

Children are not easily satisfied but in a laundry, there will be always more than one so they will be easy to handle. You don’t need a big space, just a few meters where you can put a table with some chairs and some games.

What kinds of games should you have in a laundry:

  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Lego
  • Bloks
  • Painting things

This should be enough as they will probably play together.

If you are a laundry owner and you don’t have a playing area for kids I suggest to create a small one as this will get your business to the next level and your laundromat will be less noisy.

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